Rectal Cancer Treatment in India

A journey towards rectal cancer treatment in India is that of medicine and, more importantly; com-passion. Rectal cancer poses many challenges to patients, but Dr. Sridhar PS is a beacon of hope for those suffering from this condition and he stands out as an illustrious figure in the field. With an approach centered on personalized care, Dr. Sridhar PS ensures that each patient undergoes a custom treatment plan throughout with various innovative techniques and modern technologies.

The comprehension of rectal cancer treatment requires the realization that a holistic approach is vital. The attention spans from detection to reassurance and the general well-being of patients. Accessibility and effectiveness form the crux of Dr. Sridhar PS’s approach that offers a complete solution within India’s healthcare hallmark market niche. This path toward wellness also highlights the developments in medical technology but focuses equally on personal attention as evident from rectal cancer treatment of India.

comprehension of rectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer in India: Understanding the Landscape

Colorectal Cancer

This table unveils unique features of colorectal cancer in India, from age of onset to treatment strategies.

Characteristic Details
Mean age 47.2 years
Male percentage 65%
Average symptom duration 4 months
Commonest symptoms rectal bleeding (57%), pain (44%), altered bowel habits (26%)
Signet ring tumors 13%
Median CEA level 5.8 ng/mL
Stage distribution Localized/locally advanced
Metastatic disease 28% (liver 14%, peritoneum, lung)
Treatment intent Majority with curative intent

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Rectal cancer treatment offered by Dr Sridhar in India

Dr. Sridhar is a prominent radiation oncologist in India, who has unlocked hope through contemporary therapy to cure cancer located in the rectum. His areas of specialization are guiding personalized treatment plans based on targeted radiation. Accuracy plays a key role with no side effects leading to a maximum effect of cancer cells.
Dr. Sridhar’s method of rectal cancer treatment circles in compassion and sophistication. With individualized therapy, patients have a full recovery process including accessibility and efficiency. The determination to personalized care guarantees that every move made under Dr. Sridhar’s guidance is a step towards an illuminating cancer-free future face. In the realm of rectal cancer treatment in India, Dr. Sridhar serves as an illuminating beacon, not only imparting knowledge but also guiding patients towards improved health outcomes.

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Cost of Rectal cancer treatment in India

Treatment Typical Cost Range (INR)
Surgery (Open) ₹2-4 Lakhs
Surgery (Laparoscopic) ₹2.5-5 Lakhs
Chemotherapy (per cycle) ₹10,000 to ₹1,00,000
Radiation Therapy ₹1.5-5 Lakhs

Success Rate

Stage 5-Year Survival Rate (%)
Early-Stage (Stage I & II) 70-85%
Locally Advanced (Stage III) 50-60%
Metastatic (Stage IV) 20-30%

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Why Choose Rectal Cancer Treatment in India?

  • World-Class Expertise:

India boasts leading medical expertise, featuring esteemed oncologists like Dr. Sridhar PS, renowned for their excellence in rectal cancer treatment.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology:

India’s advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technology redefine rectal cancer treatments, empowering patients to lead the fight against cancer.

  • Affordable Excellence:

In India, quality healthcare is not only accessible but also affordable, ensuring superior treatment for rectal malignancies without compromising financial stability.

  • Holistic Patient Care:

Indian healthcare extends beyond medical interventions, emphasizing emotional support and personal well-being. Experience compassionate, comprehensive care on your journey to healing.

Preventive Measures for Rectal Cancer:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Rectal cancer risk can be significantly reduced by adjusting to a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Consider your thoughtful decisions to have a healthy future.
  • Screening is Key: Early detection also increases the parameters of rectal cancer treatments due to regular screenings, especially for those who have a family history. Prioritize preventive checkups.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Moderation: Reducing tobacco and alcohol intake can be one of the ways to prevent rectal cancer. Choose a way of life that will promote your health.
  • Know Your Genetic Risk: The knowledge of your family’s medical history enables preventive actions. Talk to medical practitioners about genetic risk, and adjust preventive measures if necessary.
  • Stay Informed, Stay Protected: Recognition of signs and risk factors for rectal cancer gives you the power to act on time. Keep up to date, and value your health through preventative measures.
Preventive Measures

Prioritize prevention, choose excellence. Opt for rectal cancer care in India. Start your journey to a healthier, cancer-free life now!

Aftercare for Rectal Cancer Treatment:

post-treatment care is pivotal for sustained well-being:

  • Regular Check-ups: Monitor progress with regular visits.Healthy Habits: Choose balance eating and exercise for a healthy life.
  • Emotional Wellness: Get the help of someone in order to manage emotions after therapy.
  • Medication Adherence: Follow prescribed medications consistently.
  • Stay Vigilant: Inform your doctor of any abnormal symptoms; do so immediately if changes occur.
  • Continued Preventive Measures: Engage in screenings to track health condition.
  • Open Communication: Continue engage in communication with your health care team throughout treatment.
  • Support Networks: Connect to support groups for collective wisdom and consolation.
  • Celebrate Progress: Highlight achievements, goals for the future.

These steps should be a priority for the recovery journey towards resilience after rectal cancer treatment.


In India, treatment methods for rectal cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. The choice of treatment depends on the cancer’s stage and its unique characteristics.

Indeed, India has been offering minimally invasive surgeries including laparoscopic and robotic-assisted procedures to rectal cancer patients. Some benefits of these procedures are reduced size of incision, less pain and faster recovery time.

Today, in the leading cancer facilities across India especially major cities such as Bangalore special treatment like immunotherapy is a reality. Although this, of course, is contingent upon the location and particular health care facilities one would visit.

Indeed, India has personalized or targeted therapies that treat the genetics of cancer. This is typically ascertained through molecular profiling of the cancer cells.

  • Counseling
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Psychological support
  • Pain management strategies
  • Recommendations for physical activities to aid in their comprehensive care