Comprehensive Care for Head and Neck Cancer in India

Comprehensive Care for Head and Neck Cancer in IndiaHead and neck cancer encompasses a range of conditions affecting vital areas such as the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx. In India, the prevalence of head and neck cancer is significant, impacting thousands annually. Early detection and advanced treatments are pivotal for favorable outcomes.

Leading the fight against head and neck cancer is Dr. Sridhar PS, renowned for CyberKnife treatment in India.

About Dr. Sridhar PS:

Dr.Sridhar PSProf. Dr. Sridhar PS is a distinguished radiation oncologist in India with over 26 years of expertise. He is a specialist in employing high-precision radiotherapy techniques like IMRT, IGRT, and Tomotherapy.

Dr. Sridhar is currently practicing at HCG hospitals in Bangalore and Mumbai. He has conducted over 2700 CyberKnife procedures and is a pioneer in oncology imaging. Dr. Sridhar’s commitment to cancer care and advanced treatments makes him a trusted name.

Are you wondering about the treatment options for Head and Neck Cancer in India? Let’s explore the advanced treatments and personalized care provided by Dr. Sridhar PS.

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Treatment Options by Dr. Sridhar PS for Head and Neck Cancer in India

Unlocking Hope: Surgery Procedure

Unlocking Hope Surgery ProcedureDr. Sridhar PS and team pioneers surgical interventions for head and neck cancer in India. He aims for precise tumor removal while preserving essential structures. His approach ensures treatment and the restoration of a patient’s quality of life.

For cancer patients seeking a beacon of hope, Dr. Sridhar stands as a testament to advanced care. He is often known as the best head and neck Oncologist in India.

Radiating Resilience: Radiation Therapy Procedure

Radiating Resilience Radiation Therapy ProcedureDr. Sridhar uses the latest techniques in harnessing the power of precision. His radiation therapy procedures target cancer cells with accuracy. He tailors treatments to individual needs by employing state-of-the-art techniques like IMRT, IGRT, and Tomotherapy and Ethos adaptive radiotherapy.

Through these radiation advancements, Dr. Sridhar empowers patients to overcome head and neck cancer.

Cessation of tobacco is a crucial step in the combat against cancer.

Chemotherapy: Navigating Towards Recovery

Chemotherapy Navigating Towards RecoveryIn the realm of chemotherapy, Dr. Sridhar PS champions protocols that go beyond merely combating cancer. His approach seeks to:

  • alleviate symptoms
  • enhance the effectiveness of other treatments
  • improve the well-being of patients

With Dr. Sridhar, chemotherapy becomes a strategic ally in the fight against head and neck cancer.

Targeted Therapy: Precision in Every Dose

Targeted Therapy Precision in Every DoseTargeted therapy is a groundbreaking approach that addresses cancer cells specifically. Dr. Sridhar employs this treatment and ensures minimal damage to healthy tissues. This precision enhances treatment efficacy and reduces side effects.

Dr. Sridhar’s expertise in targeted therapy sets a new standard for head and neck cancer patients.

Immunotherapy: Empowering the Body’s Defenses

Immunotherapy Empowering the Body's DefensesDr. Sridhar PS provides immunotherapy to boost the body’s natural defenses to combat cancer. This innovative approach stimulates the immune system. It offers a potent ally against head and neck cancer.

Dr. Sridhar’s commitment to holistic care ensures patients receive cutting-edge immunotherapies tailored to their unique needs.

Recurrent head and neck cancer

Local recurrences are not uncommon in head and neck cancers. However, with the newer techniques like SBRT, treatment of recurrent cancer is possible with minimum side effects.

Seek the expertise of Prof. Dr. Sridhar PS for comprehensive cancer care. Schedule your consultation with one of India's leading oncologists today.

Estimated Cost Table for Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in India

Estimated Cost Table for Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in IndiaThe head and neck cancer treatment cost involves considerations such as:

  • the stage of cancer
  • diagnostic tests
  • the chosen treatment modality
  • the hospital facilities
  • the doctor’s expertise


Treatment Procedure Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Surgery ₹2,00,000 – ₹8,00,000
Radiation Therapy ₹1,50,000 – ₹6,00,000 per session
Chemotherapy ₹15,000 – ₹50,000 per session
Targeted Therapy ₹80,000 – ₹2,00,000 per cycle
Immunotherapy ₹1,00,000 – ₹2,50,000 per cycle


The cost of cancer treatment in India is significantly lower than in Western nations. Dr. Sridhar PS ensures quality care, transparency, and affordability in tailored treatment plans.

For personalized cost estimates, reach out to our team.

Are you an international patient seeking cutting-edge cancer treatment in India? Uncover the details in the next section.

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Information for International Patients Seeking Treatment in India

Information for International Patients Seeking Treatment in IndiaNavigating healthcare in a foreign country can be challenging. But rest assured; international patients are assured top-notch care at Dr. Sridhar PS’s state-of-the-art facility in India.

Here are a few advantages of seeking cancer treatment in India:

  • Comprehensive Healthcare Services: You can access a wide range of medical treatments, including specialized procedures and surgeries.
  • Internationally Accredited Hospitals: Our top-tier hospitals with international accreditation ensure high care standards.
  • Skilled Medical Professionals: India boasts highly qualified medical professionals like Dr. Sridhar PS, who have global training.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Healthcare providers are sensitive to cultural differences, ensuring a comfortable experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: We have cutting-edge medical facilities and advanced technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Cost-Effective Treatment: We have competitive and affordable healthcare options compared to many Western countries.
  • Seamless Visa Assistance: Assistance in obtaining medical visas for hassle-free entry into the country.
  • Travel and Accommodation: Guidance on travel arrangements and assistance  in finding suitable accommodation.
  • Language Support: We have English-speaking medical staff and interpreters to facilitate effective communication.
  • Personalized Care and Support: We provide individualized care plans and dedicated support throughout the treatment journey.
  • Post-Treatment Follow-up: We offer ongoing support and follow-up care for a smooth recovery process.
  • Cultural Experience: During recovery, you can explore India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes.

International patients seeking world-class cancer treatment in India can rely on Dr. Sridhar PS’s expertise and our patient-centric approach.

Head and Neck Cancer demands specialized attention. Uncover innovative treatments and compassionate care with cancer expert Dr. Sridhar PS. Your journey to healing starts here.

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The last stage of head and neck cancer is Stage IV. This stage indicates advanced progression with potential spread to distant organs.

Head and neck cancer is relatively common, affecting thousands of individuals each year. Early detection and treatment are crucial for better outcomes.

The most common locations for head and neck cancer include:

  • the oral cavity
  • pharynx
  • larynx

It is often associated with tobacco and alcohol use.

Stage 4 head and neck cancer is challenging to cure. But, treatments aim to manage symptoms, enhance quality of life, and, in some cases, achieve remission.

Early symptoms of head and neck cancer may include:

  • persistent throat pain
  • difficulty swallowing
  • a lump or sore that doesn’t heal
  • changes in voice

Early detection improves treatment outcomes.